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Cyber-Physical Spaces

The new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, brings us a new vision of how to generate smart factories. The first industrial revolution introduced mechanized production with the steam machine, the second introduced mass production with the electric motor, and the third introduced proce...

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The Four Industrial Revolutions

When the German Federal Government presented the concept of Industry 4.0 at the Hannover fair in 2011, they did not calculate the media hype and the adoption of the concept, both in the industry and the broader society. Although the original idea was to create a multidisciplinary working team wi...

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Predictive Maintenance Records

All predictive maintenance must count on a record, not only a report’s record but also a record of the maintenance tasks that are performed on the assets. A good predictive maintenance management considers not only the documentation of the predictive inspection reports but also that of all the ...

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Types of Predictive Reports

As a vibrations analyst, I made the mistake of sending the same type of report to all my clients irrespective of the context in which I was performing the analysis. If I had known what I’m about to tell you, I would have saved a lot of time. There are two types of predictive maintenance report...

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New Asset Hierarchy Tree Contextual Menu

Power-MI launches new contextual menu function on the hierarchy tree. By right clicking on assets in workspace, hierarchy or asset tree. This new feature will allow Power-MI users to more comfortably manage the workspace either when creating assets for the first time or when they want to make ch...

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MEMS Vibration Sensors

The term MEMS refers to micro-electro-mechanical systems. This means that MEMS are systems with components as small as 1 to 100 microns in size, and these systems can reach an average size of 20 microns to 1 millimeter. Like any integrated circuit, MEMS are manufactured with what is known as sili...

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Criticality Analysis of Industrial Assets

One of the first tasks at the moment of implementing or optimizing predictive maintenance is analyzing the criticality of industrial assets, whether they are machines, static equipment, distribution systems or electrical panels. By using the criticality analysis, we can prioritize those assets th...

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Diagnosis of Unbalance in Fans

Fans have a high presence in the industry to fulfill cooling, air circulation, and gas exhaust functions. Unbalance is a common cause of high vibration in industrial fans. However, a bad diagnosis is also very usual in the maintenance department. In this article, we will explain to you the keys ...

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What is Power-MI?

Power-MI is a cloud based solution that allows you to design & manage your condition-based maintenance plan integrating all techniques into one platform. Easy reporting, automatic work orders and CMMS integration.

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