All technologies on one single platform

Regardless of the technology used, the data collector brand or the specific analyst, all reports are managed on one single platform.

Asset documentation up-to-date

Manage the technical data of your machines in one single platform and update it with new data and inspections history. Keep track of all changes.

Asset history

Document your predictive inspections and repairs of assets on one single platform using easy-to-understand visualization tools.

Calculate the ROI of your predictive maintenance

Justify your investments easily thanks to the return on investment tool. Your success stories and savings for the plant are documented.

Data security

Avoid the loss of your information. Activity logs are kept for each user. Bank level security (128-bit SSL encryption) ensures your data is safe.

Faster reports

Reduce the report creation time by more than 50% thanks to our catalog of faults, hierarchical structure, and document composer.

Focus on the most important

Know how to identify the assets that require immediate intervention according to their criticality and severity of the fault diagnosed.

From professionals to professionals

Visualize all assets in a single dashboard, improve the image of your reports in a unified format. Analysts and maintenance staff interact with an online management platform.

Guaranteed successful diagnostics

Review your processes and approval of reports to ensure their quality. Traceability of reports by author, reviewer and asset history.

Have control of your predictive maintenance

Integrate your team, contractors, and technologies in one single platform oriented to the comprehensive management of your predictive maintenance.

Live KPIs

Access to your predictive maintenance indicators instantly to know the progress in the reliability of your plants. Set goals and monitor them.

Manage your customers

Manage your predictive maintenance clients on one single platform. Up-to-date information from service engineers to supervisors and maintenance personnel.

Management of analyst teams

Assign user roles according to your organization. Your analysts quickly adopt good practices even if they are in different geographical locations.

Upgrade your maintenance to the digital age

Convert your diagnostics into reports and data suitable for integration and correlation in Big Data and Machine Learning platforms.

Work orders export

Convert your predictive maintenance recommendations into work orders ready to export to your maintenance management software.

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