Vibration analysis configuration can be done by owner and manager users.

Every asset in Power-MI should be configured according to the predictive technologies with which it is monitored. This can be done editing the asset. You can select the predictive technologies and configure some basic parts of each report. For vibration analysis, you can set up the measurement interval, manual entry measurement, and faults diagnosis.

The measurement interval is how often vibration analysis should be executed on that asset. 

Manual entry measurements are overall readings of vibration, temperature or any other parameter that vibration analyst can collect during field analysis.

For each measurement you can assign a name, physical quantity, unit, qualifier, alert/alarm limits, and minimum/maximum value to graph the trend. When the analyst types the readings, a trend, and the color code will be displayed on the report. 

You can use our fault diagnosis catalog to choose these faults that the analyst could diagnose on this machine using vibration analysis.