Power-MI owners and managers users can configure the vibration analysis report to include manual trending measurements and faults. Once configured, analysts can access to the report feature to write the vibration analysis report in Power-MI.

The report can be as simple as the measurement day and the machine condition or as complete as filling all the fields of the vibration analysis report template.

The structure of the report includes these fields:

  1. General
    • Report reference
    • Introduction
    • Measurement date
    • Analysis date
  2. Measurements
    • Operating conditions
    • Measurement points
    • Measurement points description
    • Measurements
    • Measurements description
  3. Analysis
    • Fault diagnosis
    • Evolution
    • Diagnosis summary
    • Diagnosis
    • Asset condition
    • Recommendations
  4. Publication
    • Moderation state
    • Revision log message
    • Attached documents