A section is a system within a plant that executes a function but whose beginning or end is related to other sections of the same plant. Likewise, a section can be a location within the same plant and whose function is auxiliary to the plant. According to ISO 14224, the section is level 5 of the taxonomy of the asset hierarchy.

There are two options to create a section in Power-MI:

1) Accessing the "New section" button found in the company profile, ASSETS tab, section "Manual creation of the asset hierarchy"

2) Accessing the menu at the bottom right from the plant level to which the section belongs.

To register a new section, it is necessary to assign a name and preferably a description and photo. Once a section has been created, it is possible to add subsections and assets to it.

In the same way, you can create sub sections within a section. This is done to make it easier to locate assets for Power-MI users.