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What to Do Before a Laser Shaft Alignment

We must consider some actions before performing laser shaft alignment to ensure that everything goes as planned and for the shaft to be aligned without any problem. So let’s take a look to learn what to do before a laser shaft alignment. -------- WORKPLACE HAZARDS DURING LASER SHAFT ALIGNMENT ...

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Soft Foot in Rotating Machinery

Although it is usually completely ignored during maintenance activities, the soft foot in rotating machinery is a significant problem that must be detected and corrected before it creates bigger problems and severe damage to the machines. -------- WHAT IS THE SOFT FOOT? -------------------------...

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Vibration Analysis on Kaplan Turbines

Before diving into how to perform vibration analysis on Kaplan Turbines, we should learn some important details about this type of hydraulic turbine and its components. -------- WHAT IS A KAPLAN TURBINE? ------------------------------------------- This hydraulic turbine is named after its inven...

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Air Gap Monitoring in Motors and Generators

Before talking about air gap monitoring in motors and generators, it is essential to clarify an electric motor or generator's air gap and what it does. -------- WHAT IS THE AIR GAP? ------------------------------------------------ A simple way to define the air gap is to say that it is the air ...

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MEMS Vibration Sensors

-------- WHAT IS THE MEMS SENSOR? -------------------------------------------- The term MEMS refers to micro-electro-mechanical systems. This means that MEMS are systems with components as small as 1 to 100 microns in size, and these systems can reach an average size of 20 microns to 1 millimeter...

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What is Power-MI?

Power-MI is a cloud based solution that allows you to design & manage your condition-based maintenance plan integrating all techniques into one platform. Easy reporting, automatic work orders and CMMS integration.

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