The inspection route is the path that an inspector must travel to collect data or information on the condition of a group of assets.

There is no general blueprint for designing inspection routes since the correct selection of a route involves many non-standard aspects that vary from company to company. Points to consider when designing visual inspection routes for predictive maintenance are addressed in this chapter.

Considerations for designing visual inspections:

  • Visual inspection execution time for each asset.
  • Transfer time from one asset to another.
  • Hours or forecast of operation of the assets.
  • In case you have different modes of operation, establish a standard to be inspected, and plan the route accordingly.
  • Processing of access permits or work permits.
  • Occupational hazards on journeys outside the inspection area.
  • Designated time for the inspectors to make the routes.
  • Other inspection routes in the predictive maintenance plan.
  • When an asset cannot be inspected, it must be reported.