How Predictive Maintenance Reduces Plant Downtime

CEO, Power-MI
eventDecember 5, 2022

According to the article How Much Money Can Predictive Maintenance Save An Industrial Company?, the main savings from predictive maintenance is the reduction of plant downtime. Now we will see how predictive maintenance reduces plant downtime.

There are two types of plant downtime: planned and unplanned.

How predictive maintenance helps to reduce planned downtime

Planned downtime refers to scheduled periods when a piece of machinery or equipment is taken offline for maintenance or repair.

Predictive maintenance helps to optimize the timing of planned downtime by providing insights into the condition of the equipment and recommending the best time to perform maintenance and repairs. This can help to minimize the impact of planned downtime on the overall operations of the plant having the certainty of the process reliability.

How predictive maintenance helps to reduce unplanned downtime

Unplanned downtime refers to periods when a piece of machinery or equipment fails unexpectedly and must be taken offline for repair. This can be costly for an industrial plant, as it can disrupt operations and lead to lost productivity and revenue.

Predictive maintenance can help to reduce unplanned downtime in these ways:

  1. By using data and analytics to predict when equipment is likely to fail, a predictive maintenance program can help to identify potential problems before they occur, allowing the plant to take preventative action and avoid unexpected failures.
  2. By diagnosing the root cause of an unexpected failure, allowing the plant to take corrective action and get the equipment back online as quickly as possible.

By using predictive maintenance, an industrial plant can reduce the amount of unplanned downtime and improve its overall operational efficiency.


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