AV Ingeniería manages its Condition Monitoring services in the cloud

CEO, Power-MI
eventMarch 24, 2020

The company AV Ingeniería digitizes its predictive maintenance services through Power-MI.

Vibration analysis, ultrasound, infrared thermography and laser shaft alignment services will now be managed from the cloud. This means that predictive maintenance reports will be done on Power-MI platform. AV Ingeniería customers will be able to consult not only the reports, but also the status of their assets through dashboards.

According to its manager Alonso Víquez, Power-MI allows not only to digitize its services but also to make a qualitative leap for the entire company to the new era of Industry 4.0. As a consequence, the reporting time is improved, there is better control of the quality of services, analysts obtain feedback from customers, and rigorous control of diagnoses is carried out.

In the medium term, Power-MI will be able to interface with customers' Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Machine Learning algorithms using APIs. This implies a substantial improvement in the service that AV Ingeniería provides to its clients, since not only the format of the reports is improved, but also the clients are provided with data and digitized information on the condition of their machines and diagnosed failures.

AV Engineering also acts as a Power-MI integrator in the industry. Thus, plants that want to either implement predictive maintenance or digitize their predictive maintenance using Power-MI, will be able to contract AV Ingeniería to document the assets, create the workspace, configure user rights and train analysts to use the software tool.

AV Ingeniería is a company based in Costa Rica that has certified predictive maintenance analysts who offer services and advice in predictive technologies.

Power-MI is an Industry 4.0-based cloud platform that enables predictive maintenance to be managed professionally, helping both service companies and industrial plants manage predictive maintenance. We welcome AV Engineering to our network of partners.


What is Power-MI?

Power-MI is a cloud based solution that allows you to write, organize and share predictive maintenance reports for industrial machinery in a very easy way.

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