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MEMS Vibration Sensors

The term MEMS refers to micro-electro-mechanical systems. This means that MEMS are systems with components as small as 1 to 100 microns in size, and these systems can reach an average size of 20 microns to 1 millimeter. Like any integrated circuit, MEMS are manufactured with what is known as sili...

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Criticality analysis of industrial assets

One of the first tasks at the moment of implementing or optimizing predictive maintenance is analyzing the criticality of industrial assets, whether they are machines, static equipment, distribution systems or electrical panels. By using the criticality analysis, we can prioritize those assets th...

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Diagnosis of unbalance in fans

Fans have a high presence in the industry to fulfill cooling, air circulation, and gas exhaust functions. Unbalance is a common cause of high vibration in industrial fans. However, a bad diagnosis is also very usual in the maintenance department. In this article, we will explain to you the keys ...

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Vibration analysis without machine information

This has happened to every analyst: you are analyzing a machine, collecting vibration data, and then you find out that the data of the machine is not available. Many people think you have a crystal ball to guess the future. What can we do in these cases? There are many reasons why an analyst m...

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Assets data sheets for predictive maintenance inventory

The assets data sheet is not only a form to organize information, it is more a sort of repository of information with which we must do the inventory of the assets and their respective data in a coherent and uniform way, not only while creating it, but constantly as any changes or new information ...

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Information of the machines for vibration analysis

Sixty percent of vibration analysis depends on the information of the machine that is being analyzed. Far from what it may be believed, vibration data only gives us the symptoms of the current condition of the machine, but it is useless to analyze this data out of the context of operation and the...

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Where to place the vibration sensor

The location and installation of the vibration sensor are two of the most critical parts of the vibration data collection, which is why the reading point must be selected considering certain criteria. The place in the machine where the vibration sensor will be placed is called the reading point....

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Digitalization of Predictive Maintenance

Great advances in the precision of predictive maintenance technologies to monitor the condition of industrial assets are evident. Basically, no serious industry with a qualified technical team is skeptical of the benefits of assets condition monitoring any more. These benefits are now seen in so...

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What is Power-MI?

Power-MI is a cloud based solution that allows you to write, organize and share predictive maintenance reports for industrial machinery in a very easy way.

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